10/18/10 The Plymouth Public Library Board of Trustees has enacted a policy to use Unique Management Services, Inc., a library collection agency, to encourage patrons with overdue items to return them to the library.  Unfortunately, some patrons choose to ignore the several overdue notices that are automatically sent to them by mail, phone, or email.  This, of course, means other patrons may be waiting for the materials to be returned and sometimes additional  funds are expended for replacement of  those items.  In this tough economy, this same money would be much better used to purchase new items instead of replacing non-returned items.

 This new policy was developed with fairness to all library patrons in mind.  Fortunately, the patrons who have not responded are in the minority and the use of a collection agency will not affect the majority of patrons who return materials on time.  The library will still notify patrons that their materials are overdue and patrons will have ample time to respond prior to being turned over for collection.