10/14/10 The Argos Town Council has been considering offering electric load limiters.  This devise would be available to residents who are having difficulties paying the utility bill.  The special meter would limit the amount of electricity to a home.  There would be enough power to run the basic appliances (refrigerator, stove, heat etc.).  If they exceed the limited electric load, the power would be cut off.  To get the power running again the resident would have to turn something off.  “They would have the option to have a little electricity or none at all.” said Patty Jones, Town Clerk. 
Electric Lineman, Jamie Lindstrom, told the Council that other towns are using the limiters.  There are some residents there that have requested the limiters to stay on after they were able to bring their utility bills current.  They liked the ability to keep the cost to a more affordable amount.  “This is more of a teaching tool.” said Jamie.
Ordinance 2010-6 was presented to the Council describing the terms and conditions for the use of the electric load limiters.  First, this would not be a mandatory requirement for the residents who have problems paying the utility bill.  The resident would have to request the special meter.  This would be for the resident who is unable to pay the entire utility bill for two or more months or maintain the payment agreement or the utilities have been disconnected.  The Ordinance passed the first reading.