10/13/10 Tuesday morning the Marshall County Council approved the 2011 budget for the South West Lake Maxinkuckee Conservancy District.

Ted Schenberg gave council members a brief history of the Sewer District. It was formed by court order five years ago and has a mission to take the remaining septic systems on the south and west sides of the lake into the public treatment system.  The district currently has 160 homes and can only increase to 175 homes per the agreement with the Town of Culver.

Culver has agreed to treat the sewage with a $725,000 capacity buy in fee.  It is estimated that 55,000 gallons will be sent to the town each day from the district.

Schenberg spoke of a Special Benefit Tax that is based on the assessed value of the properties in the district.  This tax is intended to only be in place temporarily until the district has a positive cash flow.  He estimated from one season to a year or so.    The district’s budget is $99,000 to cover the estimated needs.  Schenberg said a home with an assessed value of $800,000 would pay $195 per half year or 8 cents per $100 of net assessed value.

Once the collection system is in place homes will be expected to connect on with an estimated tap fee of $14,000.  Their monthly payments will be based on the number of bathrooms and not on their assessed value.

Looking at the timeline for the South West Lake Maxinkuckee Conservancy District show the drawings are at IDEM awaiting approval.  In November or December they will send out requests for qualifications.  Schenberg anticipates construction of the sewer line in the early spring of 2011 and homes coming on line in July or August of next year.