10/12/10 The Marshall County Builders Association will hold a “Candidate’s Night” at the Plymouth Country Club on Tuesday, October 12.

 The meeting will be a dinner meeting and each candidate will be given the opportunity to speak during the meeting following dinner.

 The Marshall County Builders Association, which consists of associates, subcontractors and builders; takes an active interest in the governmental affairs of Marshall County, the state, and the nation.  They host Candidates Night for members to be able to become acquainted with the candidates, and so the candidates can hear from people who are in business and are greatly concerned about successful and responsible growth for each of the communities in the community.

 The meeting will be open to the public and will be held at the Plymouth Country Club, 10055 Pretty Lake Trail, Plymouth, Indiana. 

 Time schedule is Social 6:30 PM / Dinner 7:00 PM / Meeting 7:30PM.  Feel free to attend the meeting only at 7:30, if you are not interested in dinner.

 Tickets for the dinner meeting are $20 per person.  To make reservations, call Janet Bixel at 574-892-9009, 574-952-0959, or 574-935-0404.