10/06/10 The National Association of State Title I Director’s Title I Schools Recognition Program for a second year in a row has chosen Menominee Elementary school as one of the schools in the running to represent the state’s Title I schools that have made the most progress in significantly closing the achievement gap between student subgroups.

· Ten schools in the state of Indiana have been identified for site visits based on a review of the following criteria:
· Student Achievement Data (Exemplary Progress);
· Meets or Exceeds Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) 2008-2009 and 2009-2010;
· Poverty Data of 35% or higher;

Menominee’s principal, Mr. Mike Dunn, will undergo a phone interview with the State Title I Director. If the interview goes well, the Title I Director and a few staff members will do an onsite visit at Menominee Elementary School. One school in the state of Indiana will then be chosen as Indiana’s top Title I School. If chosen as the top school, Menominee Elementary School will be recognized at the National Title I Conference which will be held in Tampa, Florida on January 31-Februray 3, 2011.

In the last three years, four Plymouth Elementary Schools have been chosen as a participant in the first part of this process. Menominee and Washington Schools last year made it to the site visit and were recognized as one of the top four Title I schools in the state. Two years ago, Webster Elementary School was chosen Top Title I School in Indiana.