10/04/10 The Marshall County Republican Party announced Friday it is united in its support of Judy Stone for re-election to the position of County Council, District 4. “Everyone who has watched county government the last 4 years has witnessed Judy’s devotion to duty and tireless work ethic on behalf of Marshall County’s taxpayers,” said Debbie VanDeMark, GOP Vice-Chairman. “Judy’s opponent can try to sully her hard earned reputation by a scurrilous and false accusation, but he will fail.”

VanDeMark is referring to Ryan Ripley’s and the Marshall County Democrat Party’s September 27 press release accusing Stone of not filing a disclosure statement. The allegation is that a disclosure statement is necessary because on two occasions over the last few years the County Commissioners did business with Stone’s husband.

“What is frustrating is that county records show Judy did file disclosure forms!” VanDeMark said.

“Mr. Ripley knows that, , , , , but all he had to do is make the allegation. It is a cheap trick candidates do that have nothing else to say.”

VanDeMark explained that she was taking the lead on this issue as Vice Chairman of the county Republicans because Chairman David R. Holmes removed himself from the matter. Ripley made the complaint to the Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office. Holmes is the Marshall County Prosecutor.

“As Mr. Holmes has previously stated, the prosecutor does not conduct investigations. He referred the matter to the appropriate law enforcement agency. And because of his position as chairman of the local Republicans, it would be improper for him in his official capacity as prosecutor to have anything further to do with the matter. Mr. Holmes is exercising the highest level of ethical conduct. It is unfortunate that Mr. Ripley and the county Democrat organization are incapable of doing the same.”

“Judy’s character speaks for itself. She is a dedicated public servant. She has volunteered her time on numerous committees, participated in conferences and helped, for example, stuff property tax statements in the Treasurer’s Office.”

VanDeMark finally lamented that “being from the party of eternal optimism, some good will come from this.” “The voters will recognize Ripley’s tactics for what they are, and that Judy Stone is the best candidate for the County Council.”