09/29/10 Thanks to private donations, there is a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the persons responsible for the damage to the Oakhill Cemetery. On Sunday, September 26th approximately 110 gravestones were damaged by vandals. More than 22 of them were damaged beyond repair. Later in the day Tri-Kappa Sorority, in cooperation with the Marshall County Historical Society, had their annual History Walk at the cemetery.

“I do not understand the mentality of this crime. This property is sacred ground and this crime goes above and beyond normal vandalism. I want to thank the Oakhill Cemetery Superintendent Jim Ousnamer and his staff for putting things back to normal as possible,” Mayor Mark Senter said.

Investigator Ted Brown said, “The exact cost of the damage is unknown but will be in excess of $100,000. The suspects could be charged with felonies due to the dollar amount.”

Anyone with information should call the Plymouth Police Department at 574-936-2126. Investigator Ted Brown and Detective Sergeant Leo Mangus have been assigned to the case.