09/28/10 To learn more about the history of Plymouth, you can explore the exhibits in a museum, search the archives and books at a library. To learn about Plymouth’s future however, ask your neighbors, the business owners, the people who come to visit this fine city. Plymouth residents, businesses and visitors are all being encouraged to get on board and participate in the Wheel of Progress so together we can set the course and the direction for the overall image and message of Plymouth, Indiana.

Mayor Mark Senter together with the Superintendent of the Plymouth Public School Corporation, Dan Tyree and the President of PIDCO, Mark Gidley have spearheaded the beginning of what is being called, the Wheel of Progress: 2010. Each group is committed to the economic growth and development of Plymouth and they all agree in the need to have a cohesive, unified vision of the city to properly represent the strengths of Plymouth online.

The Wheel of Progress: 2010 is designed to reach out to the community and uncover the true value points of what Plymouth as a whole is all about and what exactly attracts and retains its residents, businesses and visitors to Plymouth.

The Wheel of Progress will start with a survey that will be open to the public and available in mid-October. This one page survey will be available in printed format or online. Printed surveys may be picked up in person from the mayor’s office and throughout a variety of locations and businesses. The public may prefer to complete the survey online and may access it at www.iheartplymouth.com.

There will be incentives to encourage the public to participate but the true reward can be found in each person owning the reputation of the town and investing in the overall vision and direction of growth.

Mayor Mark Senter urges the public to share their ideas, vision and thoughts through this survey. The results of the survey will represent the community’s opinions on the strengths and will guide us to an overall strong message and image for Plymouth. Once the results are collected from the community, a Wheel of Progress Report will be presented in a public forum in early December. Details will be announced.