09/23/10 A parent of a Culver High School Student filed a police report on September 13 after her son was allegedly injured by another student at the school.

In a telephone interview, Anita Lewis said that her sixteen-year-old son received a head injury after another student repeatedly “banged” his head into a brick wall. Lewis said she took her son to a local hospital when he returned home on the bus at approximately 3:45. She contends that the injury took place in or about 1:30-1:45.

Lewis said the school did place a call to her son’s grandmother, but did not reveal why they were trying to reach a parent. According to Lewis, she first heard the details of the incident from her son, although she tried three times to reach the principal at Culver High School and was told the principal was out of the building and the assistant principal was in a meeting.

Lewis said she was instructed by the attending medical staff at the hospital to keep her son home the following two days and to have him seen by their family physician. She said the follow up with the family doctor was on the September 16 when she was then told to keep him home until September 20. Since school was not in session on September 20, the student did not return to classes until September 21.

Assistant Culver Police Chief Chad Beeker said the report was made as “battery resulting in bodily injury”. Beeker said when the report is completed, it will be forwarded to the Marshall County Prosecutor’s office, which is standard procedure, and then could be forwarded to the probation department.

Superintendent Brad Schuldt declined to comment on the matter.