Tuesday morning about 8 a.m. the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department received a call of a vehicle on its roof in the swampy area on the west side of Olive Trail just north of Dixon Lake Trail.  The car was about 10 feed down the embankment.

The car was registered to Michael and Chasta Smith of Plymouth.  The vehicle had been reported stolen to the Plymouth Police Department earlier in the morning.

During a search of the area police and firefighters did not locate anyone in or around the car but the occupant was apparently injured due to the blood stains found in and on the exterior of the vehicle.   Because of the dry weather conditions the ground was solid and emergency workers were able to walk through the 6 foot high weeds to search for a victim.

The car had been traveling north on Oliver Trail when at the intersection for Dixon Lake Trail the vehicle went left of center striking a county highway sign, several trees, flipping end over front landing on its roof.  The car’s speedometer was stuck at 75 m.p.h. indicating a possible speed when its driver attempted to negotiate the turn.

County Police Officer Rob Hafke investigated this incident and is asking anyone with information regarding the theft and or crash to contact either Plymouth or Marshall County Police