Fitness Forum Sports and Wellness at the LifePlex is proud to announce that one of their very own is a Certified USA Triathlon Coach! Joining a handful of certified trainers in the Midwest is Sandi Allen! Sandi has been with Fitness Forum Sports and Wellness at LifePLex since before the new facility was opened. Sandi, currently the Aquatics Director, has been helping members of Fitness Forum at LifePlex to realize their physical and athletic goals. Many members have taken advantage of Sandi’s talents whether to use swimming as a training tool or to improve in swimming competition. Sandi has enjoyed competing in grueling triathlons for ten years. 

To achieve this certification Sandi needed to: attend an educational clinic approved by USA Triathlon, pass a written examination covering materials outlined in the clinic,  become certified in American Red Cross Sport Safety Training including certification in CPR and First Aid, pass a background check and sign the USOC Coaching Ethics Code.

 The educational clinic attended was a 9 course episode on its own. Instructors of these classes included:

 Bob Seebohar, MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS, is a Board Certified Sport Dietitian and is one of the most foremost sports nutrition expert in the country. Mr. Seebohar was the sports dietician for the 2008 Olympic Team in general and dietician for the 2008 Triathlon Team specifically. In addition to being a Certified USA Triathlon Level III coach, Bob is the head coach for star tri athletes Susan Williams, Sarah Haskins and Jasmine Oeinck (2009 National Elite Champion.)

 Bobby McGee is an internationally acclaimed endurance coach, author and speaker. He has been involved with the training and development of an Olympic Champion, world champions and numerous world record holders and Olympians.

 With such a proven success lineage, Sandi intends to share world class techniques to athletes  who choose to train at Fitness Forum Sports & Wellness at LifePlex in Plymouth, Indiana.

 Besides this USAT (level 1) Certification, Sandi is also certified in Personal Training, Cycling Instructor, and American Red Cross Lifeguard Training. Sandi also has a B.S. Degree in Exercise Science. 

 To learn more about what Sandi or other Fitness Forum Sports and Wellness at LifePlex trainers can do for you, please call (574) 936-2333 or stop by today.