09/09/10 Lots of great pictures are taken at Potato Creek State Park of family fun, scenes and wildlife.  On Saturday, September 11 there will be a whole day full of programs to help you improve and showcase your photos while having fun doing it.  The day will start out with a basic digital photography workshop at 10am in the Park’s nature center.  This workshop will focus on the basic point and shoot digital camera covering composition, lighting and various camera functions.  At 11 am another workshop, “Photography, Beyond the Basics” will be presented.  This workshop will help participants unleash their creativity by exploring a few of the tricks and “bells & whistles” of digital photography.

In the afternoon there will be a craft session at 2pm where you can learn creative ways of displaying and using your photos. Don’t forget to bring some photos to work with.  At 3:30 there will be a digital camera scavenger hunt.  Bring your camera and see if you can get the pictures first to win a prize.  The day will wrap up with a photography hike at 7pm starting at the Quaking Aspen Picnic Area to capture some of the Park’s beauty.

No advance registration is required and the activities will be open to all.  All events except the evening hike will take place at the nature center.  The normal park gate fee of $5.00 for Indiana vehicles and $7.00 for out of state cars will be charged.  For more information, call Potato Creek State Park, 574-656-8186.