On Tuesday, Marshall County Sheriff Jon VanVactor release this departmental Activity Report for August 2010. 

County officers were busy last month handling 44 accident reports.  30 of the reports were for property damage while 13 involved personal injury and there was one fatality. 

County police officers completed 136 case reports in August.  11 cases of battery, 14 burglaries, 5 child abuse or molesting, 19 criminal mischief cases, twice officers were called for domestic battery, they found 5 people driving while suspended and arrested one person for failure to register as a sex offender.  

Deputies investigated two fraud complaints, 3 harassment complaints, 1 identity  deception,  3 intimidation, 1 juvenile runaway or incorrigible, 2 minor consuming, 1 operator never licensed, 2 leaving the scene of an accident and 2 operating while intoxicated.

Drugs continue to be an issue in the county.  Police handled 2 illegal drug labs or meth trash labs, and arrested three for possession of marijuana. 

County officers also investigate 36 theft reports and 21 other cases for a total of 136 case reports in August.  They also assisted with 18 court ordered transports and served a total of 864 civil papers.