The Plymouth Community School System is working on saving trees.  Yes that’s right.  This year they are making a concerted effort to save trees by reducing the amount of paper that is going home with students.  
At least twice a week, and maybe more, the various schools in the system get fliers from community groups that give valuable information for parents and students.

This year, they will continue to pass that information on to students and parents, but will now do that do-diligence. On the home page of the Plymouth Community School Corporation web site, there is a box entitled, “Information Center”.  When you log onto the school’s website you will see “Information Center” in the middle of the screen, click Information Center (in the blue box) and the Information Center will come up along with the fliers.  Click on the information word next to flier and you will receive the information on that particular flyer.   The corporation’s website is www.plymouth.k12.in.us.

It is suggested that parents visit this site every Friday to see all the creative, industrious, and valuable programs and opportunities our community offers. 

The school system will still from time to time send home some flyers although; they will try to post most of them on the corporation or schools websites.