With Labor Day Weekend signaling the traditional close to summer, Indiana Conservation Officers are reminding folks using Indiana’s waterways and state recreation areas to play it safe.  According to Indiana Conservation Officer/PIO John Salb, Labor Day Weekend may signal the near end to swimming and waterskiing activities, but signals the start to Indiana’s hunting season.   Salb reminds users to the state’s rivers, lakes, and reservoirs that Indiana’s early Canada goose season will open September 1st and run for 15 consecutive days.  He encourages all users of Indiana’s waterways, whether hunting, fishing, boating or waterskiing to give space to others out enjoying their own particular sport.  Salb says that Indiana Conservation Officers will be patrolling area waterways looking for the irresponsible boat operator who may be driving recklessly or who might have had consumed too much alcohol. 

And, as always, Indiana Conservation Officers encourage boaters and waterfowl hunters to wear their life jackets, ATV operators and passengers to wear their safety gear and helmets, and hunters to know what’s beyond their intended target.