On Saturday, August 21, two local girls, Alli Dennie and Jillian Smith both competed at the Indiana State Fair Baton Twirling contest.  Both girls did extremely well, both earning State Fair Grand Champion titles.  Jillian Smith started the day winning the Beginner Dance Twirl age group and Grand Champion Division.  Alli Dennie also won age group for Beginner and Intermediate Strut as well as Grand Champion in both.  Earning Grand Champion status allowed the girls the honor of twirling in the Grand Champions parade around the state fair grounds on Saturday evening.  They twirled with the other Grand Champions and had a fabulous time!  Along with their Grand Champion wins Jillian won individual firsts in Beginner Military, Beginner Presentation, and Advanced Parade March.  Alli won firsts in Advanced Dance Twirl, Intermediate Presentation, Advanced Presentation, and Intermediate Parade March. 

In all, the girls came home with 19 first place trophies.  Three firsts they won together competing in Parade Line March, where they remain undefeated, and two for their first pairs routine.  They will be performing their pair’s routine at the Blueberry Festival, Friday night at 7:00 pm.  It was a wonderful day and both girls did a great job. 

Photo 1:  Girls together, Photo 2:  Alli and her trophies, Photo 3:  Jillian and her trophies