On Saturday, August 21st the annual Cardboard Boat Races were held in the Centennial Park Pool in Plymouth. 

This is the third year the races have taken place.  This is a unique event features a boat that is made entirely of cardboard.  The rules do allow for duct tape to be used as reinforcement for the seams and as a hull wrapping.  Participants were encouraged to use recycled cardboard from the various grocery, carpet center, appliance stores or the recycle center.   No waxed cardboard was allowed nor painting or varnishing of the boats.

1st place cardboard boat winner was Captain Cei Bowen in THE GREEN FLOAT.   2nd place winners were Captains Coltin Wynn and Lilly Sayavonsing in the WHITE PEARL and 3rd place went to Captain Katie Machlan in THE TATER.

Gina Young, Recreation Director for the Plymouth Park Department said, “This event is a lot of fun to watch.”