The Plymouth Athletic Council’s yearly report (2009-2010 school year) to the Plymouth School Board on August 19 included a number of recommendations for renovations or repairs to the athletic facilities.


The goal of the council, chaired by Plymouth High School Principal Jim Condon, monitors, evaluates, and suggests changes to the athletic program through the superintendent of schools.


Condon said the lack of lights limits play of both the seventh and eighth grades games on the same night. He also shared the council’s concerns with the playing surface that caused immense use of the football field (youth soccer and junior high football).


He said there is concern about both the safety and potential damage resulting from the track at Lincoln Junior High not being fenced in and children playing near the track during contests.


Condon said “Consideration could be given to charging the Plymouth Youth Soccer League for use of the football field. Money collected could be used to assist with reseeding of the field.” He added, “LJHS administration should create a prioritized plan inclusive of cost/timeline to fence in the track.”


There were also several suggestions for improvements at PHS. Condon said the bleachers did pass inspection, but then noted that they are 30-years old. He said, “The seating capacity on the home side is limited and the ticket booth needs attention.”


“The crown on the football field is in need of attention.” Condon said,” He indicated that there is a question concerning irrigation for the practice football field.


Condon said cracks that are present in the tennis courts have impacted the ability to host NLC tournaments. As with the practice football field, there are concerns with the practice soccer field irrigation system.


Additionally, the lift for the wrestling mat is no longer operational.


According to Superintendent Dan Tyree, the pool has passed inspection, but will need some serious work in the future. A report by Architects Barton, Coe and Villama has been prepared to aide in making decisions. Tyree said they have entered into informal discussion with the City of Plymouth on the topic of a combined pool.


The Athletic Council approved the retirement of the baseball jersey worn by Hall of Fame Coach, Bill Nixon. Condon said there will be more discussions held to establish guidelines for the retirement of jerseys in the future.


There were several changes to programming that Condon said were successful. Among those was the introduction of a structured fourth grade basketball program. According to council member and Jefferson Elementary Principal Bob Remenih, the program was strongly supported by parents.


Riverside Intermediate offered interscholastic competition in volleyball and basketball. They had an “A” and “B” team and attracted some 30 players foe each grade level.

Lincoln Junior High welcomed participation from sixth graders in cross country and wresting. Twelve competitors joined cross country, five boys and seven girls.


In addition to Condon and Remenih, council members included: Rodger Smith, assistant superintendent; Todd Samuelson, board member; Roy Benge, PHS athletic director; Mary Beth Hunter, PHS Assistant Athletic Director; Dan Funston, LJH Principal; Carl Gilbert; LJHS athletic director; Jeni Hirschy, intermediate administrative representative; Jim Keister, Riverside Intermediate athletic director; and parents Dave Hodges, John LaFree and Julie Harrell.