After much discussion the Plymouth Common Council passed the 2011 Salary Ordinances on third and final reading. 

City attorney Nelson Chipman presented an amended ordinance that include the reduction of increase from the amended 2% salary increase to a 0% increase for city employees appointed department heads, and fire and police personnel.  As well, the 2011 salary ordinance for elected officials including Mayor, Clerk Treasurer, and Council members was reduced to a 0% increase. 

The City Council first had to approve substituting the ordnances from the last meeting to the new ordinances that proposed no salary increase.  The vote was 3 to 1 with Councilman Wayne Smith voting against the change and Councilman Chuck Ripley absent.

Smith said, “During the Board of Public Works and Safety meeting we saw the increase of work being put on our department heads and employees.  They deserve an increase and this raise won’t raise taxes.  We should reward our employees. They are the city’s best assets.”

Mayor Senter said, “The salary ordinance has changed. I listened to the people of Plymouth.  I heard if from all aspects of people by letter, telephone, email and face to face conversations.  That is why I made the change from 2% to 0%.  The people of Plymouth think now is not the time for this to happen.”  The Mayor continued, “The issue just snowballed last week.”

Councilman Mike Delp said the majority of constituents are not in favor of an increase.  He continued, “They appreciate the department heads and employees but don’t feel that now is the time.”

Councilman Mark Neidig commented on the private sector and reiterated that performance based increases after reviews would allow them to have “concrete evidence” on their decisions.

The Plymouth City Council also heard first reading of the second Paid Holiday Ordinance for 2011. The Mayor cut paid holidays from 13 to 11 with the reduction of Columbus Day and December 27th.  The original Holiday Ordinance which had 13 holidays did not receive a second for it died.  The Mayor heard the Council member’s concerns and cut the paid days off by two.  The Council will consider the motion on second and third reading at the September 13th meeting.