The Marshall County Neighborhood Center board has added a Case Management position to their services already being offered . When current board President Karen Barden joined the organization four year ago, she came with the dream of creating the full-time position. Barden said, ““We are glad to provide the emergency services that we do and they are a great starting point for our families but I knew we could do so much more. It’s been a long road but I am so excited that we are here. This is what our clients and donors have been waiting for…a program to help our clients move out of generational and situational poverty.”
The position is being funded through a grant from REAL Services; however funding is now only guaranteed through September of this year. The board is actively seeking additional and ongoing funding sources, including enlisting pledges from the community.
Filling the newly formed position is Sara Hill. Hill holds a degree in Public Administration from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. She has had a number of years of experience in case management with much of her work in Marshall County.
Hill said, “For most of my life I have lived and worked in Marshall County. My husband, Jason, and I are both Argos High School graduates, and we’re happily raising our two children, Annie and Cory. Through the years I have gained a keen understanding of the challenges many families face. As a Case Manager I will work closely with our clients to help them address their needs and succeed in life.”