The Wythogan Valley Preservation Council continued the monthly programs at Jacoby Church on King Road this past Sunday with a concert presented by members of the Marshall County Church Orchestra.  The current series of performances and meetings being held at the church will help meet a requirement of one of the grants that helped to fund the restoration project.


   An audience of thirty or more sat on the 1905 wooden pews as Wythogan Council treasurer, Kurt Garner told about the restoration project of the church.  He also shared historical facts of interest about the church and cemetery and answered questions from those present.


   Under the direction of Don Harness, the orchestra opened their concert with traditional church hymns such as “Amazing Grace”, “Nearer My God to Thee” and “Sweet Hour of Prayer”.  They followed with several patriotic selections and continued with some up-beat contemporary movie and Broadway themes.  Harness explained while the hymns were probably well know to the Jacoby congregation back in the 1800 and 1900’s it wouldn’t hurt to play a few contemporary songs as God has given music for worship and for enjoyment.  The program ended with a selection from “The Sound Of Music”. 


    “As we present our last selection, “Edelweiss”, said Harness, “we believe the congregation that sat in this church so many years ago would understand the words and feelings of this song.  The Jacoby congregation certainly would have understood the emotions that go along with love of God and homeland.”


    There are several more meetings and concerts at the Jacoby Church throughout the summer.  The Marshall County Orchestra also has several concerts coming up.  Continue to watch the WTCA website and the Plymouth Pilot for further information. 


Photo:  Members of the Marshall County Church Orchestra perform at the historical Jacoby Church.  Left to right:  Cindy Taber, Argos; Anne Stoub, Plymouth;  Joseph Teeple, Bourbon; Becky Rowe, Granger; and Sue Myers, Bremen.