On May 27th Argos High School held their annual Senior Awards ceremony.  Dozens of students were honored with a variety of awards.  The following are the additional awards presented to Argos Students.

#5        BACK ROW:  Jerry Gates ( Marshall County Lilly Scholarship Presenter), Cody Michel (Ind.4-H Foundation Scholarship Winner), John Oliver (National FFA & Ford Motor Scholarship Presenter), Jennifer Houin (Ind.4-H Foundation Scholarship Presenter), Scott Kepler (Ind.4-H Foundation Scholarship Winner)

 FRONT ROW:  Adam Davis (Marshall County Lilly Scholarship Winner), Joanne Troup (Ind. Elks Scholarship Presenter), Kelsey Strahla (Miss Kankakee Scholarship Winner,  Ind. Elks Scholarship Winner, Ind.4-H Foundation Scholarship Winner & National FFA and Ford Motor Scholarship Winner)

#6        BACK ROW:  Gayla Stults Berger ( Kathy Stults Scholarship Presenter), Brooke Thayer (Classroom Teachers Association Scholarship Winner & Nellie Newhouse FEA Scholarship Winner), Jodi Grolich Smith (Richard Grolich Scholarship Presenter), Jerry Gates ( Argos Lions Scholarship Presenter), Ashley Recupido (Argos Students in Service Scholarship Winner)

 FRONT ROW:  Haley Berger (Kathy Stults Scholarship Presenter), Cody Michel (Kathy Stults Scholarship Winner & First Source Bank Scholarship Winner), Kelsey Strahla  (Edwin  & Gladys Pearson Scholarship Winner), Tina Zechiel (Edwin  & Gladys Pearson Scholarship Presenter), Reghan Dunham ( Argos Lions Scholarship Winner & Richard Grolich Scholarship Winner), Roseanne Eiler (Argos Students in Service Scholarship Winner)

#7        BACK ROW:  Scott Sanders (J.O. Thompson Scholarship Winner), Ryan Carter

(Ella Leeper Scholarship Winner & Madison and Elizabeth Stephenson Scholarship Winner), Brooke Thayer (Gerald & Helen Hess Scholarship Winner), Staci VanDerWeele ( Dollars for Scholars Presenter), Virginia & Lynn VanDerWeele (Tad VanDerWeele Scholarship Presenter)

  FRONT ROW:  Staci O’Dell (Argos Class of 1957 Scholarship Winner), Roseanne Eiler (Argos Fireman’s Scholarship Winner), Alicia Shei (Argos Fireman’s Scholarship Winner & Max and Lois Edmonds Scholarship Winner), Kyla VanDerWeele (Tad VanDerWeele Scholarship Winner & James Wysong Scholarship Winner), Jena VanDerWeele (Tad VanDerWeele Scholarship & Jo Ellen Castleman/Hall Scholarship Winner)

#8        BACK ROW:  Argos Dollars for Scholars Scholarship Winners: Cody Michel, Scott Sanders, Ryan Carter, Brooke Thayer, Jami Hooker, Ashley Recupido, Reghan Dunham

 FRONT ROW:  Argos Dollars for Scholars Scholarship Winners:  Hannah Alcorn, Jena VanDerWeele, Kyla VanDerWeele, Staci VanDerWeele (Presenter), Caryn Meloy, Adam Davis, Kelli-Jo Stachurski    NOT PICTURED:  Nick Kepler